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A Faboulous Stay in Anguilla

Thank you Note

My team really appreciated coming into a relaxing atmosphere after a busy time at the hospital each day. Please let the staff know that their caring attitudes and excellent professionalism did not go unnoticed.

The team is well travelled as we have done medical trainings in various locations around the world but this stay ranks at the top!!

Everyone is already spreading the word to other colleagues and letting them know that they MUST experience your facility as soon as they can plan a get away.

Hopefully I do not leave anyone out but please let the following know how much we appreciate their service:

Letia, Krista, Prince, Lucien, Marcia, Angelina, and we definitely want to also give kudos to the ladies who clean the rooms daily and the others working in the restaurant – outstanding!! I have always told anyone who will listen that the cuisine in Anguilla is the best in the world and your chefs did nothing to disappoint as their dishes were always delectable and mouthwatering.

Your ownership / management team show excellent vision in that many details were uniquely thought of for your property. So on behalf of the GMET medical training team, thanks very much and we look forward to visiting with you again!!


James M Vines Jr.

VP / Chief Operating Officer

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