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15 year wedding anniversary trip. Unforgettable!!!

The Manoah Boutique Hotel in Anguilla Caribbean

This was our first stay at The Manoah. Let me start out by saying how incredibly gorgeous it was overall. When we arrived, they upgraded us within the Liz building to the second floor. They didn't mention it, but I knew they did. They room was simply stunning. It is hard to put words together for one of the best rooms I have ever had on the best beach in the world and we have stayed at the 4 Seasons on Nevis! This was nicer then that. The Liz building is something for everyone to consider. You feel like you are right on the beach. The rooms are very clean and very modern.

Next I would like to point out something that happened that I will never forget. We went to one of the amazing places to eat for dinner (this island is full of amazing places to eat by the way) on the island. When we finished up, I couldn't find my wallet. I thought I left it in my room. I had to leave my beautiful wife waiting in the restaurant for a half an hour while I drove back to retrieve my wallet. When I got back to the Manoah, I was met by staff. They had my wallet. A worker had found it on a path and turned it in. This was incredible! I had $350 cash in my wallet and it was turned over.

Next I would like to say something directly to The Manoah. DON'T stop making those almond croissants for breakfast! Honestly, that was something we looked forward to eating every morning with fresh fruit (included in the price). Those croissants are truly a reason I want to return (not kidding). My wife talks about those things about every other day!

The staff and the hotel are amazing.

Anguilla is the first place I would return to over and over again. The people are very friendly. The beaches are the best in the world (without question). When I visited Grace's Bay in Turks, I thought I would never see a better beach. Shoal Bay Easy beat that easily. The sand, water, and most importantly the west indie charm of the beach bars/restaurants were all world.

The food is the best in the Caribbean. The Manoah is the nicest, most romantic spot we have ever stayed in. We have been to Hawaii, Turks, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts, Nevis, and Mexico. Anguilla is so much better then them all and Manoah was the main reason for our incredible stay!

Thank you and see you next year! By the way, we stayed in early June of 2016 but trip advisor is making me select September for some reason. I have already talked with them for a return trip which is crazy since we have never returned to the same place twice. We like to experience new things, but The Manoah and Anguilla really do have a place in my heart.

We are a 38 year old couple with 3 young boys by the way. This trip is perfect to get away from everything and relax. You won't be disappointed.

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